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Bridging the Gaps: Cultural Heritage for Climate Action


Issue 2 brief report from the PRAXIS and UK National Commission for UNESCO conference 'Heritage and Our Sustainable Futures' session on Cultural Heritage for Climate Action. The report reflects on the role that heritage—and more holistic and integrated concepts exemplifying the interdependency between humanity and nature, like biocultural heritage and cultural landscapes—can play in promoting a more sustainable development. The report features key insights, recommendations, and case studies from Dr Sandip Hazareesingh, Dr Albino Jopela, Alice Lyall, and Dr Rebecca Jones.

File Type: pdf
Categories: Heritage Strand
Tags: format: report, SDG 10 Inequalities, SDG 11 Sustainable Cities, SDG 12 Consumption Production, SDG 13 Climate, SDG 17 Partnerships, SDG 2 Hunger, SDG 5 Gender, SDG 7 Energy, subject: climate change
Author: Dr Francesca Giliberto, Helen Maclagan, PRAXIS
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