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Welcome to Changing the Story’s digital exhibition

These collections were curated and designed by the CTS youth research board with the guidance and support of our digital exhibition lead, Helene Rousseau.  These exhibitions highlight CTS projects and/or artistic outputs from their projects. We hope that these collections serve as a celebration of the amazing work done over the past few years and that it inspires those who come across the work for the first time. You can find out more about our process here. We hope that you enjoy interacting with our collections.


View the Peace-Building exhibition using Sway

Creative Resistance

View the Creative Resistance exhibition using Sway

Participatory Arts

View the Participatory Arts exhibition using Sway

Youth Leadership

View the Youth Leadership exhibition using Sway

Physical exhibition

Throughout Changing the Story it was clear that, whilst digital outputs and ways of connecting, particularly at the start of the Covid pandemic, were intrinsic to organising and connecting across groups, countries and disciplines, physical encounters and lo-tech solutions held equal importance and impact in forging new relationships and reflections across contexts. We wanted to extend this same mix of digital and physical with our final exhibitions.

Working with Bottom Up: Reimagine Our Schools (South Africa), a previous CTS grantee, and inspired by Research & Development project Museum In a Box, and the open source Tonuino community our Exhibition lead Helene Rousseau worked with our Youth Research Board, who developed the content, and young people at Bottom Up, who designed and made the boxes, to make and deliver a (Re)Memory Box to a community-based member of each of our commissioned projects. The boxes come included with audio descriptions of the artworks, recorded in 4 languages by YRB members, and a worksheet for each exhibition designed to provoke questions and engagement with a wider community. Watch this space to see the final product, process and boxes emerge.

A special thank you to Ashley and Clifford Visagie who designed and tested the circuitry and assembled the electronic components and Hanro Rousseau who drew and perfected our box concept.