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Phase One Critical Review: The Anlong Veng Peace Tours (Cambodia)


As part of Changing the Story’s Phase One activities in Cambodia, this critical review and project reflection explores the use of arts within attempts to redress and remember experiences of the Khmer Rouge, with a particular focus on the varying participatory and educational methods employed therein. We necessarily and deliberately employ a broad definition of ‘participation’ in order to sensitise readers to the variety of ways participation has been integrated and mobilised in the work of both state and civil society led initiatives. The critical review then turns to reflect on the work of Changing the Story through our collaboration with the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam). Specifically, we seek to draw lessons from the introduction of participatory filmmaking approaches to DC-Cam’s Anlong Veng Peace Tours initiatives from April to December 2018.

File Type: pdf
Categories: Cambodia, Phase 1
Tags: format: report, language: english, SDG 10 Inequalities, SDG 16 Institutions, SDG 4 Education, subject: reflections
Author: Dr Pete Manning
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