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Carrington's Graffiti Art


'Street Art to Promote Representation and Epistemic Justice among Marginalized Rural Zimbabwean Youth' focuses on rural Binga, a significantly underdeveloped rural district located in Matabeleland North in Zimbabwe. The area is largely inhabited by the minority group Tonga people who have been subject to marginalisation, social violence and exclusion. The project seeks to document these experiences through participatory street art with the aim of encouraging social cohesion, making their experiences and knowledge visible, and contributing to epistemic justice. Carrington, a young collaborator on the projects talks about his graffiti art creation, which was exhibited in museums and galleries across Zimbabwe.

[Duration 2 min 58 sec]

Categories: Phase 2, Young Changemakers, Zimbabwe
Tags: format: film, SDG 10 Inequalities, SDG 11 Sustainable Cities, subject: street art, subject: youth