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Exploring the Potential for Arts, Culture, and Heritage to Address Gender and Diversity in Climate Resilience and Adaptation


Entrenched social inequalities and injustices such as those related to gender, race, and class remain persistent; sometimes perpetuated in the name of cultural traditions, and overlooked in international conversations about climate change and adaptation. However, these inequalities—exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic—profoundly affect the impact of and response to the climate emergency on marginalised groups. This session will explore the potential for arts, culture and heritage research and practice to be more inclusive of gender and diversity in the climate resilience conversation, including examples of reducing the carbon footprint of arts-based research projects.

[Duration 1 hrs 2 min 37 sec]

Categories: Event
Tags: format: film, language: english, subject: climate change, subject: gender
Author: PRAXIS