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In Conversation: Food and Heritage


The podcast you are about to hear was recorded on 10th January 2020 following PRAXIS second workshop on the theme of Food and Heritage. This practical workshop provided space for participants to reflect on the sustainable development goals (SDG's) their projects had addressed (both intended and unexpected) and put forward their ideas for a future heritage and food research agenda based on the remaining SDG’s. The podcast episode is hosted Dr Tahrat Shahid, GCRF Challenge Leader for Food Systems at UK Research and Innovation, and features panellists Professor Naomi Sykes (University of Exeter), Professor Henrice Altink (University of York), Dr Sandip Hazareesingh (The Open University) and Dr Theano Moussouri (University College London). Following brief introductions, the panel discuss interdisciplinary research, balancing priorities of preserving local food varieties with feeding the population and the future food research agenda.

[Duration 22 mins 54 secs]


Categories: Heritage Strand
Tags: format: audio
Author: Dr Sandip Hazareesingh, Dr Tahrat Shahid, Dr Theano Moussouri, Professor Henrice Altink