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In Conversation: Heritage for Global Challenges


We are in the Anthropocene. Facing grand challenges as diverse and complex as extreme poverty, war and refugee crises, infectious disease, environmental degradation. Culture and Heritage are now understood to play an integral role in both enabling and driving international development and to be central to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. In February, a group of artists, film makers, researchers, policy makers and funders came together in West Bek’aa Lebanon to discuss Heritage for Global Challenges. This podcast, recorded in each of our individual homes during Covid-19 lockdown, is an opportunity to continue some of those conversations. The podcast episode is hosted by Jaideep Gupte (UKRI) and features Ian Thomas (British Council), Muna Haddad (BARAKA) and Dr Daniele Rugo (Brunel University London).

[Duration 24 mins 57 secs]

Categories: Heritage Strand
Tags: format: audio
Author: Daniele Rugo, Ian Thomas, Jaideep Gupte, Muna Haddad, PRAXIS