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Creative Expression among Young Cambodians Webinar Summary (CTS & Oxfam)


On March 3, 2021, Changing the Story and Oxfam welcomed practitioners, researchers, youth, and colleagues to an online discussion on how national and international NGOs can engage in creativity, connection and collective creation with young people. Dr Amanda Rogers (University of Swansea), Reaksmey Yean (Centre for Khmer Studies), and Sokhorn Yon (Cambodian Living Arts) of Changing the Story research project ‘Contemporary Arts Making and Creative Expression among Young Cambodians’, were invited to frame a discussion, drawing on their experience of arts-based research and knowledge of the arts and culture in the Cambodian context. In sharing this summary of the emerging ideas and questions, we aim to provoke further dialogue on how organisations can engage in collective creation with young people.

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Categories: Cambodia, Event
Tags: language: english, SDG 10 Inequalities, SDG 16 Institutions, SDG 5 Gender, subject: youth
Author: Dr Amanda Rogers, Reaksmey Yean, Sokhorn Yon