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Longing for lost normalcy


Longing for Lost Normalcy: Social Memory, Transitional Justice, and the ‘House Museum’ to Missing Persons in Kosovo by Schwandner-Sievers, S. and Klinkner, M. In spring 1999, amidst a wider ethnic cleansing campaign, Serb police forces abducted Ferdonije Qerkezi’s husband and four sons, who were never to be seen alive again. She subsequently transformed her private house into a memorial to the lost normalcy of her entire social world. The authors trace this memorialization process; her struggle for recognition; her transformation into an iconic mother of the nation and her activism, both for missing persons and against the internationally-driven Serb-Albanian normalization process in Kosovo. From a multi-disciplinary perspective, the authors critically reflect on the theoretical concept of “normative divergence” in intervention studies.

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Categories: Kosovo
Tags: format: article, language: english, SDG 11 Sustainable Cities, SDG 16 Institutions
Author: Dr Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers, M. Klinkner