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Post-Conflict Participatory Arts Socially Engaged Development


This book investigates the power of art to enhance human development and to initiate positive social change for individuals and societies recovering from conflict. Edited by Changing the Story partners Melis Cin and Faith Mkwananzi, the report features contributions from across the CTS network including Aylwyn Walsh, Scott Burnett, Joshua Chikozho, Willard Muntanga, Tendayi Marovah, Laura K. Taylor, Claudia Pineda Marín, Edwin Cubillos, Diego Alfonso, and Nub Raj Bhandari. This book provides an important guide to the role that arts can play in addressing epistemic injustice and contributing to social justice and human development. As such, it will be of interest to international development and arts practitioners, policy makers, and to students and researchers across participatory arts, youth studies, international development, social justice, and peace and conflict studies.

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Categories: Colombia, Kenya, Lebanon, Nepal, Uganda, Zimbabwe
Tags: format: article, language: english, SDG 11 Sustainable Cities, SDG 16 Institutions, SDG 17 Partnerships, SDG 4 Education, subject: participatory arts
Author: Diego Alfonso, Dr Aylwyn Walsh, Dr Claudia Pineda Marín, Dr Laura K. Taylor, Dr Scott Burnett, Dr Tendayi Marovah, Edwin Cubillos, Joshua Chikozho, Nub Raj Bhandari, Willard Muntanga
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