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Phase One Critical Review: The Change-Makers (South Africa)


In March 2018, Prof Chaya Herman, Dr Charity Meki-Kombe and Prof Stuart Taberner conducted a critical evaluation and review of Changing the Story Phase 1 project 'The Change-makers.' The report comprises of three sections: The context around The Change-makers programme, a critical evaluation and review report, and finally, the Change-makers programme roll out through 'train the trainer' workshops report, providing an in-depth and fascinating insight into, and evaluation of, one of Changing the Story's original projects.

File Type: pdf
Categories: Phase 1, South Africa
Tags: format: report, language: english, SDG 10 Inequalities, SDG 11 Sustainable Cities, SDG 4 Education, subject: reflections
Author: Dr Charity Meki-Kombe, Prof Chaya Herman, Prof Stuart Taberner
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