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Safeguarding, the story so far


Safeguarding means protecting vulnerable people from harm, whether malicious or unintended, by believing and responding to concerns through a systematic approach. In 2019-20, we’re developing a project to generate discussion of the issues around safeguarding, and move towards a mutual assessment of how best to ensure that safeguarding approaches work in context. Follow the story of the project so far and meet Safeguarding Project Developer, Tony Cegielka and our 5 brilliant Regional Safeguarding Leads: Astrid Canas, Rajib Timalsina, Chaste Uwihoreye and Helene Rousseau.

[Duration 5 min 5 sec]

Categories: Colombia, Safeguarding
Tags: format: film, language: english, SDG 16 Institutions
Author: Tony Cegielka