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Tribal Education Methodology Co-Researchers and Collaborators


Tribal Education Methodology (TEM) is designed to have a meaningful intervention into tribal education and state curriculum of Kerala. Unlike earlier initiatives that promoted alternative educational models that ran parallel to the State curriculum, TEM attempts to integrate the tribal arts, culture, oral traditions of knowledge to restructure the state school curriculum. The activities of the project are aimed at lessen the gap in scientific research in the field to empower tribal pedagogy as a tool for decolonising the education for transformative learning. The District of Wayanad has five Model Residential Schools (MRS) for tribal young learners and all the activities of the project are initiated in all MRS. The video features youth collaborators on the Tribal Education Methodology project.

[Duration 1 min 34 sec]

Categories: India, Phase 2
Tags: format: film, language: english, SDG 1 Poverty, SDG 10 Inequalities, SDG 17 Partnerships, SDG 4 Education, SDG 5 Gender, subject: youth