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Rreze Duli (RDA North)

Phase 1 Project Partner
Association of Regional Development Agencies (ARDA)
Director, RDA North

Rreze Duli is leading the Regional Development Agency (RDA) North in the divided town and region of Mitrovica, northern Kosovo, since October 2014.  Shehas 25 years of experience in the area of humanitarian relief and reconstruction work, development and as a human rights activist.  Rreze holds a Master's degree in Engineering and has completed training in Strategic Management (Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government); Executive Education; and Inter-municipal cooperation projects (Council of Europe). Before and including the last Kosovo war, she assisted the largest humanitarian NGO in Kosovo, Mother Theresa organisation, through Mercy Corps and UNICEF (1994 - 1999). Since, she has held positions of executive responsibility for international organisations in Kosovo and the wider region, including in Macedonia, Albania and Slovakia.

She worked for the United Nation Development Programme UNDP; UNICEF; Mercy Corps International; and was the Executive Director of the Advocacy and Training Resource Centre, 2005 - 2008).

From 2003 to 2004 she conducted research on economic and social developments in Kosovo municipalities as well as on migration and the political economy of Kosovo Serbs, for the European Stability Initiative (ESI). Rreze is a founding member of the independent think tank for policy analysis and socio-economic reform, Kosovo Stability Initiative, for which she served as the first Executive Director in 2004. She currently also serves as the Center for Social Group Development's (CSGD) board's president, which deals with LGBTI rights and board member of Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI).