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Bardhi Haliti (Designer)

Phase 1 Dissemination Partner


Bardhi Haliti is a Kosovar graphic designer and researcher living in Amsterdam. He worked as a freelance designer in Prishtina and New York before obtaining a master’s degree from the Werkplaats Typografie in 2014. He was a designer in residence at the Jan van Eyck Academie during 2015–2016. In 2011, Haliti co-founded REDO, the annual international graphic design event in Prishtina, and since 2013 he serves as its program director. An upcoming artist book titled "May 25 is Now October 1" containing Haliti's research on repetition through architecture and sports will be published by Sternberg Press in February 2019.   

Bardhi is a dissemination partner on the Phase 1 Kosovo project 'ACT: Art, critical thinking and active citizenship.'