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Besa Luci (Kosovo 2.0 & University of Prishtina)

Phase 1 Delivery Partner
Additional responsibilities
Teaching Assistant, Department of Journalism (University of Prishtina)

Besa Luci is the chief editor of Kosovo 2.0, an independent media that engages society in insightful debate through its multimedia website, print magazine, and public events. Besa co-founded Kosovo 2.0 in 2010, and it has created a space for a different and necessary discussion full of political, social and cultural commentary and reportage. As the only media project in the region working in three languages (Albanian, Serbian and English), Kosovo 2.0 brings together politically and socially aware, and active people.

Besa is currently a Teaching Assistant at the Journalism Department, University of Prishtina. She holds a BA in political science/international relations and journalism/mass communications from the American University in Bulgaria, and an MA in journalism/magazine writing from the Graduate School of Journalism, University of Missouri, Columbia.

Besa has also worked as senior researcher for various local, non-governmental organizations in Kosovo, on issues pertaining to media freedoms and human rights; as well as a number of print and online publications in Missouri and New York, during her studies.

Besa is a project delivery partner on the Phase 1 project 'Act: Arts, critical thinking and active citizenship.'