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Blerta Hocia (Artist and Curator)

Artist and Curator

Blerta Hocia (b.1984 Tirane) is an artist and curator from Albania, living in Pristina, Kosovo.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, Italy. She was curator at Miza Gallery, an artist run space in Tirana and from 2016 the Head of the Archive at Marubi National Museum of Photography in Albania. In her artistic practice she focuses in the creative process of memory, how we deal with it in the intimate and as a society, mainly working with personal archives as well as with digital or analogue public archives.

She has curated several exhibitions among them, Soft Meal Miza Gallery(2015), Long Live Marubi Museum(2017), Once Upon A Time And Never Again Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo (2019) Open City Nuit Blanche Prizren(2019) Additions, Fondation 17 Pristina (2020) Heterotopias of Resistance, Zeta Gallery Tirane (2020)

Her solo and collective exhibitions include The Demiurge, Siena Italy(2012), In The Absence Of External Forces Do Not Possess My Own Form, Magma Florence, Italy(2013)  and I Thought Of You So Hard, Zeta Galeri, Tirane(2016). Emergenz, Berlin(2013), Supermarket, Stockholm(2015), Parallel Vienna(2017), Ardhje Award, Tirane(2014, 2019) Muslim Mulliqi Prize, Prishtine(2018), Dealing With Memory,Frappant Galerie, Hamburg(2020), Ambitions, National Art Gallery Tirana (2021).