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David (Youth Research Board)

A drawing by and of David (Youth Research Board)

Hi everyone! I’m David and I’m from Bogotá, Colombia. I’m finishing my studies in Visual Arts in the Javeriana University. I would say I have different skills, the majority of them related to image creation: drawing, making collage and animating.

I’m especially interested in social issues such as power structures, I mean, I tend to make reflections about hierarchies into the different layers of society and how we can change that to create horizontal structures based on cooperation, respect and empathy. In this way, it is important to me to get the unheard voices of different people and collectives out of that imposed silence through different media such as artistic workshops, creating images, fanzines or videos. 

Being part of Changing the Story gives me the possibilities to improve the way we can work closely to different communities or collectives so we can work together making changes, step by step.

Finally, I worked with CTS and Comisión de la Verdad making animations about people who are former combatants in our inner conflict and were recruited when they were kids.

I think that’s all for now!

Find out more about David's role as an animator on the Changing the Story affiliated project, 'Building Trust for Truth-Telling among Former Child Soldiers: Animation for Inclusion and Peacebuilding in Colombia: