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Deena Dejani (University of Leeds)

Post Doctoral Research Officer
University of Leeds

Dr. Deena Dajani is a Postdoctoral Research Officer on Praxis: Arts and Humanities for Global Development. Praxis is a new and exciting project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) that sits within Changing the Story (CTS) but aims to reach out and engage with all Arts & Humanities research across the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) portfolio. Prior to joining the CTS team at Leeds University, Deena worked at the London School of Economics on the Rockefeller Foundation funded project Digital Makings in the City of Refuge and at the Open University on a collaborative project with UNWomen and the World Food Programme. Her research outputs include academic papers and book chapters as well as toolkits, podcasts, a documentary, and blogs. Her research interests include International Politics, Citizenship, Migration, Participatory Methodologies, and Middle East Studies. Her most recent research paper investigates the dual dynamics of migration and austerity and the ways their governance structures are shaping the everyday lives of Londoners, from refugees and asylum seekers to the social workers that support them.

Resource Archive

Search or browse the resource archive for films, reports, toolkits and other resources produced by the Changing the Story and its commissioned projects. Items written by Deena Dejani are listed below:

Collective Learning: Engaging with policy and policymakersBlog (2019/09/11) Collective Learning: Engaging with policy and policymakersDeena Dejani, PRAXIS, , , eventblog language-english subject-policy subject-reflections
Praxis and the Future of Global ChallengesBlog (2019/08/01) Praxis and the Future of Global ChallengesDeena Dejani, PRAXIS, eventblog language-english
Praxis Launches the First in a Series of Events on the Theme of HeritageBlog (2019/09/16) Praxis Launches the First in a Series of Events on the Theme of HeritageDeena Dejani, PRAXIS, eventblog language-english