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Emilie Flower

Research Associate/ Filmmaker
University of York/ Pica Studios

Emilie Flower is a researcher and filmmaker, with a focus on arts, research, and rights-based films. She is an associate at the University of York's Centre for Applied Human Rights, and a senior associate at the participatory video organisation, Insightshare. She is based at the artist-led studios, Pica Studios, in the centre of York and works as a filmmaker for several theatre companies in Yorkshire.

Emilie is currently working as a co-investigator in a 3-year AHRC project based at the Centre for Applied Human Rights titled, "Can the Arts Save Human Rights: Human Rights Truth-Claims in a Post Truth Era". She previously coordinated the centre's development alternatives research and worked in the arctivism and creative activism projects. See for examples of her recent work.

Resource Archive

Search or browse the resource archive for films, reports, toolkits and other resources produced by the Changing the Story and its commissioned projects. Items written by Emilie Flower are listed below:

Researching like an Artist: Disrupting Participatory Arts-Based Methods in Uganda and BangladeshThis is an Accepted Manuscript version of chapter 13 of the book 'Participatory Arts in International Development' published by Routledge/CRC Press on 29 August 2019. The final version of each …Emilie Flower, Ruth Kelly, , uganda locationarticle language-english subject-participatory-arts
WPS3 Kelly and Flower"Arts-based research practices and alternatives: Reflections on workshops in Uganda and Bangladesh" by Ruth Kelly and Emilie Flower. In July 2017, two groups of academics, artists and activists held research …Emilie Flower, Ruth Kelly, , , , , , bangladesh event uganda locationlanguage-english sdg-10-inequalities sdg-16-institutions subject-participatory-arts subject-reflections