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Jayden (Youth Research Board)

Hello! I am 23 years old. I have just completed high school and I'm aspiring to study political science next year.

I am currently facilitating a youth forum alongside two other young people. In the forum, we discuss social justice issues and collectively work on an action plan to change these issues.

I have strong leadership skills and I am politically inclined. At the age of just 9, I was awarded a leadership certificate in front of my school and I was the only one to receive such an award.

I led a march to my local education district to demand more teachers be employed at my school and for an upgrade in security. I have also spoken up against housing issues in my community, as well as violence in schools.

I co-wrote a critical article, which was published in the Daily Maverick:

These matric exams are unfair, listen to us, the learners

I achieved good grades in my final school exam with the odds stacked heavily against me. I continue to advocate for social change and continue to strive for a socially just society.

Find out more about Jayden in this short video: