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Luba Pirgova-Morgan (University of Leeds)

Post-Doctoral Researcher
University of Leeds
Arts, Humanities and Culture
Languages, Societies and Culture

Luba Pirgova-Morgan is a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant on the PRAXIS Project: COVID-19 Strand. Her particular research interests are in the study of images and individual and group perceptions, and in particular how the study of images and signs, culture and communication affect people and the environment. She specializes in applying innovative theoretical and analytical frameworks to empirical materials and has experience with ethnography, cultural, social and political studies, multimodal approaches, critical discourse analysis and semiotics.

Luba has a particular passion for energy and environmental studies as a topic and for semiotics as a way to explore energy and electricity, which was the theme of her Doctoral Research. She is also interested in the theory of ‘designing out’ particular behaviours, which was the focus of her previous post as a Research Fellow at Salford University. She would be interested in applying design to environmental studies and specifically to the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of environmentally related behaviours.

When not engaged in research, Luba partakes in many voluntary and charity activities. For example, she has been a member of the Lions International Club since 2008 and the International Organization of Folk Arts (IOV) Youth Section since 2009. Currently, Luba serves as the Chair Elect of IOV Youth.

Resource Archive

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