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Miodrag Marinkovic (AKTIV)

Phase 1 Project Partner
Faculty profile link
Program Director, AKTIV

Miodrag Marinkovic, Program Director of AKTIV, lead the organizations efforts in development of methodologies, strategies and programs in tackling the post-conflict ethnic reconciliation process and role of young people in building vibrant society resistant to historical and prejudicial models of ethnic relations in this part of the Balkan.

AKTIV is Kosovo based CSO, mandated to enable meaningful involvement of the minority community in the construction of a participatory, peaceful, and prosperous future for the region.

The strategic objectives of organizations are:

  • To┬áprovide sustainable framework for civic participation and democratic decision-making at the local and central institutional level in Kosovo.
  • To fortify the commitment of local and central level institutions to human rights principles and democratic decision-making
  • To improve cross-community relationships in Kosovo

AKTIV strive to bring about the multilateral interdependence of communities in Kosovo resulting in stable, respectful and non-discriminatory interethnic relations, and foresee inter-ethnic cooperation as being a crucial step in this direction. These objectives are widely reflected in our set of projects, in which we provide forums for constructive and positive dialogue between CSOs in Kosovo, pave avenues for peer-to-peer (P2P) dialogue, and seek to pioneer structural cross-community professional cooperation in wide array of socio-economic areas.