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Professor Kay Tisdall (University of Edinburgh)

Phase 2 Co-Investigator
Edinburgh, Uk
Childhood and Youth Studies Research Group

Kay Tisdall is Professor of Childhood Policy at the Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She is a core member of Childhood & Youth Studies Research Group. She contributes to the BA in Childhood Practice and contributes to the new Early Childhood Practice and Froebel Pathway of the MSc in Education. Her background is within childhood studies and particularly children's human rights. She works within and across a number of policy areas, from education to family law to child protection, on such topics as children affected by domestic abuse, children with disabilities and additional support needs, and child marriage. In particular, she is involved in a collaborative programme with children, young people, adult stakeholders and academics, on children and young people’s participation in decision-making. This includes how to involve children and young people meaningfully and ethically within research, as well as policy-making and formal decisions. She has had the opportunity to learn from work in Scotland as well as cross-national work with colleagues in such places as Brazil, Canada, China, India, Norway and South Africa.

Kay is a Co-Investigator on the Phase 2 Large Grant project 'Cuál es la verdad? (What is the Truth?) De-constructing collective memories and imagining alternative futures with young people in Chocó through music and arts' (Colombia).