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URAVU: Indigenous Science and Technology Centre

Phase 2 Project Partner
Wayanad District, Kerala
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Uravu Indigenous Science and Technology Study Centre commonly known as Uravu located in Thrikaipetta village of Wayanad District, Kerala is a not for profit, non-governmental organisation that strives for rural empowerment through sustainable solutions. Established in 1996, URAVU works with people, governments and businesses to facilitate initiatives with the   prime motive of sustainable development and implements focused end-to-end programs in the bamboo sector. Promotion of bamboo handicrafts and utility products as a sustainable alternative and means of employment for rural women and promotion and cultivation of bamboo for its environmental and economic benefits are the core activities of the organisation. Uravu’s bamboo nursery is the largest in South India in terms of species diversity and hosts around 50 different species. Uravu’s major contribution lies in main streaming bamboo based economic activities in Kerala.

T. Sivaraj is a partner on the Phase 2 Large Grant project 'Tribal Education Methodology (TEM): Sustainable Education through Heritage' (India).