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Interpreting Civic National Values: Scheme of Work (Swahili Version)


This Scheme of Work document was devised as a framework for research and development by the Phase 2 project 'Interpreting Civic National Values' to allow young people in Kenya and Nepal to REFLECT individually on life experiences in their community and to DISCUSS these with each other - to RECORD their thoughts through shared writing and shared artwork - to bring these thoughts to life through PERFORMANCES of their choice such as: theatre, singing, poetry recital - to share their new ways of seeing community through CROSS-CULTURAL EXCHANGES in their interpretations of civic national values. We saw this Scheme of Work as facilitating a process of empowerment; for young people to advocate their communication of the peacebuilding process to policymakers in their post-conflict national contexts.

Meet Samjhana


Meet Samjhana, a Changing the Story Youth Research Board member from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Interpreting Civic National Values in Nepal (documentary short)


'Interpreting Civic National Values' aims to empower children in post-conflict settings to articulate their interpretations and shared communications of civic national values through their creation of a performance arts-based 'scheme of work' as a process of transformative learning for supporting local and global Civil Service Organisations (CSOs) in reducing poverty and advancing education for all, as part of the peace-building process. Watch the teams documentary film about the Nepal strand of the project.