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ACT – Arts, critical thinking & active citizenship (Kosovo)


The ACT project combines research and applied components, producing alternative practices to be proposed to formal and informal educational institutions, as well as academic research and publishing in Kosovo. The project is being done in cooperation with four local partners that work with art and youth in several Kosovo municipalities including: Anibar (Peja), 7 Arte(Mitrovica), NGO Aktiv (Mitrovica North) and Varg e vi (Gjilan). Additionally, participants from local and international organizations contributed, including: Kosovo 2.0, Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) and Opera Circus (from the UK) as well as independent researchers.

Relatos del futuro/ The Future is Unwritten (Colombia)


Co-Investigator Simon Dancey Changing the Story’s Phase 1 Colombia strand incorporates two areas of research. The first, an experimental project that seeks to stimulate creativity among young people dwelling at the borders of precariousness. The second, a comparative study that considers the construction of worlds through social imaginaries and investigates how dominant imaginaries can be a barrier to an alternative future.