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Youth Agency, Civic Engagement and Sustainable Development (Southern Africa)


This project sought to establish and strengthen channels of engagement between youth, CSOs, NGOs, and other stakeholders within the region of Southern Africa. Using Zimbabwe and South Africa as case study countries. The following compilation video identifies and addresses the cross-cutting issues that emerged from the project as significant in the region and that work as either barriers or enabling factors for youth development. Hear from the Youth Agency, Civic Engagement and Sustainable Development (Southern Africa) project team: Melis Cin (Co-Investigator), Tendayi Marovah (Co-Investigator), Joshua Chikozho (Batonga Community Museum, Zimbabwe CSO partner).

WPS2 FINAL Mobilising the Past


"Mobilising the Past to Support Human Rights and the UN Sustainable Development Goals" This literature review, authored by Emma Parker (University of Leeds) has been compiled as part of the AHRC-funded project, ‘Mobilising Multidirectional Memory to Build more Resilient Communities in South Africa’ (Taberner and Boswell, 2017). It offers a selective annotated bibliography of scholarship, projects and literature examining how memories of dark pasts intersect with both the arts and international development goals.