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Katie Brown (University of Exeter)

Phase 2 Principal Investigator
University of Exeter


Dr Katie Brown (PI) is a Lecturer in Latin American Studies at the University of Exeter, specialising in the intersection between politics and cultural production.  She completed a PhD at King’s College London in 2016, focusing on Venezuelan cultural policy under President Hugo Chávez, official uses of writing, and reactions to these in a selection of contemporary novels. This research led to the monograph Writing and the Revolution: Venezuelan Metafiction 2004-2012, to be published by Liverpool University Press in 2019, and the article ‘There Can Be No Revolution without Culture’ in the Bulletin of Latin American Studies. Katie has also written on narratives of conflict in Venezuela, including a chapter in the forthcoming collection Latin American Crime Scenes. Katie is also a translator of Venezuelan writing, and was one of the co-editors of the anthology Crude Words: Contemporary Writing from Venezuela (Ragpicker Press, 2016). 

Katie is Co-Director of the Exeter Centre of Latin American Studies and of the Exeter Humanities and Social Sciences Global Challenges Collaboratory.

Katie is the Principal Investigator on the Phase 2 Venezuela project 'Thought and Freedom.'

Resource Archive

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