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Consolidation, Learning and Evaluation in Asia


Project Principal Investigator, Sreenath Nair The South East Asia Consolidated Learning project will work across a selection of the existing CTS portfolio of projects to draw out key lessons learnt, both in terms of theory and practice, maximise synergies across the CtS portfolio, identify key areas of impact of the wider project and define priorities for future work. The Consolidating Learning projects are also an opportunity for CTS to further engage CSO partners and stakeholders internationally, ensuring that our research remains relevant and applicable to their work longer-term

Critical review of Changing the Story Projects in Eastern Africa Project


Watch the critical review of Changing the Story Projects in Eastern Africa Project led by Dr Marlon Moncrieffe, (Principal Investigator) University of Brighton, UK. With partners Dr John Mwangi St. Paul’s University, Kenya, and Mr Chaste Uwihoreye, Uysenga Ni Imazi, Rwanda.

ImaginingOtherwise Conversation Series


The #ImaginingOtherwise team hosted a series of webinars, or international conversations, about the value of co-creation and participation. Catch-up on all the episodes at your leisure.

ImaginingOtherwise: A Glossary of Arts Education Practice on the Cape Flats


In this collaborative text, ImaginingOtherwise draw out the key social justice concerns faced by young people in South Africa, setting them against the learning from the arts-based project. Moving beyond the framing of the context of race, violence and dispossession, ImaginingOtherwise explore how these critical ideas move towards a useful set of tools for arts education. We do this in the format of a glossary; which we see as building a methodology of participation in the arts as radical possibility—and invitation towards ImaginingOtherwise.

ImaginingOtherwise Youth Arts Toolkit


The Youth Arts Toolkit is a collection of workshops (some online, some in person) that were developed over the year of the Imagining Otherwise project. This resource is for anyone who wants to use the arts as a means of exploring social justice issues with young people, and includes drama, writing, and creative mapping workshops that the team (Tshisimani, Bottom Up and University of Leeds and freelance artists) developed. We would love feedback on this resource, and how you might or have used it. Please send to