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Jasmin Hasić (Sarajevo School of Science and Technology)

Phase 2 Co-investigator
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
Executive Director
Humanity in Action (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Dr Jasmin Hasić holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Universite libre de Bruxelles and LUISS Guido Carli of Rome (2016). He completed his undergraduate education at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, majoring in International Relations and European studies, and holds an M.A. degree in Political Science from Central European University. He also holds an LL.B., and an LL.M. (Hon) from the University of Sarajevo. He currently works as a lecturer at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology and serves as the Executive Director of Humanity in Action BiH, an international non-profit focused on minority and human rights. He has worked as a Research Analyst at the Center for Security Studies in Sarajevo and as a legal associate at the Crime Suppression and Re-Socialization Initiative focusing on evaluating the efficacy of the Bosnian penal system reform. He has completed professional traineeships at the European Parliament and the Bosnian Embassy in Brussels. His research interests revolve around diaspora studies and demographic changes associated with post-conflict migration, along with peacebuilding and transitional justice in multicultural societies. 

Jasmin is a Phase 2 Co-Investigator on the 'IZAZOV!'project (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Resource Archive

Search or browse the resource archive for films, reports, toolkits and other resources produced by the Changing the Story and its commissioned projects. Items written by Dr Jasmin Hasić are listed below:

Participatory Arts and Youth Activism as Vehicles of Social ChangeThis article by Henry Redwood, Tiffany Fairey, and Jasmin Hasić provides an analytical case study of a participatory youth-led filmmaking project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Using the conceptual framework of …Dr Henry Redwood, Dr Jasmin Hasić, Dr Tiffany Fairey, , , , , , , bosnia-and-herzegovina locationarticle language-english sdg-10-inequalities sdg-11-sustainable-cities sdg-16-institutions sdg-4-education subject-participatory-arts youth