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Sounds of Pandemia: Sound Archive Covid-19


We are a collective of anthropologists/field recordists who have been dedicated to exploring the sonic traces of violence and devastation, survival and hope. In recent years, we have concentrated on recording the spaces of disappearances, and recently, on imagining another ways of "narrating" the embodiments and materialities that contemporary devastations take: from rivers, forests, ghost towns to microscopic contamination, intoxicated bodies, victims of wars as well as intimate and social relations relationships: body-as-ruin, space-as-ruin, the affect-as-ruin, or "precariousness" as structured ruin-of-the-social; all due to the effects of human interventions and its social distribution of suffering.

Sound and Memory

The following project aims to build a public archive of the Sounds of Pandemia, a collective testimony of the global crisis we are inhabiting.

The project see Pandemic as a Continent where relationships, imprinted by disease and virus, intersect.

Contribute to the Sound Archive

If you have a mobile phone you can provide a recording of up to 2 minutes of an instance or place that captures or evokes your experience of Covid-19 and the sounds of the universe inhabiting the virus.

Send your recordings to Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar: