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Inés Soria-Donlan, University of Leeds

Project Manager
Centre for World Cinemas & Digital Cultures
The University of Leeds
Project Manager, Changing the Story
@changing_story_ / @inessoriadonlan

An advocate for the freedom to create and experience art as a right for all, Inés has worked internationally across the academic, cultural and creative sectors since 2008 as a producer, project manager, researcher, musician and creative practitioner. Her work has a continual focus on youth, diversity and arts-led participation and the ways in which artists and researchers can collaborate to make their work as valuable as possible for the people they work with. Inés is currently Project Manager of Changing the Story at University of Leeds, a £4 million AHRC GCRF project that looks at how arts and heritage can support youth-centred approaches to civil society building in communities living with a legacy of conflict. She is co-editor, with Prof. Paul Cooke, of Participatory Arts in International Development (Routledge, 2020).

 In addition to roles at British Council, Contact Theatre and South Asian Arts UK, amongst others, working across dance, film, theatre, music, visual and digital art, Inés spent five years at the award-winning University of Manchester project In Place of War, supporting artists and activists living in sites of conflict to build vibrant creative networks across the world. Inés completed an MA in French Cultural Studies in 2010 and a PGDip in Arts Management, Policy and Practice in 2013.

Resource Archive

Search or browse the resource archive for films, reports, toolkits and other resources produced by the Changing the Story and its commissioned projects. Items written by Inés Soria-Donlan are listed below:

Changing the Story launches at Leeds international film festivalBlog (2017/10/19) Changing the Story launches at Leeds international film festivalInés Soria-Donlan, , eventblog language-english subject-reflections
Taking the Product Seriously: Questions of Voice, Politics and Aesthetics in Participatory VideoThis is an Accepted Manuscript version of chapter 12 of the book 'Participatory Arts in International Development' published by Routledge/CRC Press on 29 August 2019. The final version of each …Daniela Wegrostek, Inés Soria-Donlan, Prof Paul Cooke, Sinethemba Makanya, article language-english
Learning by doing: Public Health meets The Arts in NepalBlog (2018/08/22) Learning by doing: Public Health meets The Arts in NepalInés Soria-Donlan, , nepal locationblog language-english subject-reflections
WPS1 FINAL Post Participatory Arts for the Post Development EraThis first working paper "Post-Participatory' Arts for the 'Post-Development' Era" is co-authored by Professor Paul Cooke and by Inés Soria-Turner. It represents some initial work undertaken during an international seminar …Inés Soria-Donlan, Prof Paul Cooke, , , , , brazil india locationlanguage-english sdg-10-inequalities sdg-16-institutions sdg-17-partnerships sdg-4-education
A long road if we don’t walk togetherBlog (2018/03/23) A long road if we don’t walk togetherInés Soria-Donlan, , cambodia phase1 locationblog language-english
Changing the Story our first project meetingBlog (2018/01/10) Changing the Story our first project meetingInés Soria-Donlan, blog language-english