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Melis Cin (Lancaster University)

Phase 2 Principal Investigator
Lancaster University

Melis' research interests are gender justice, education, and development. Her work has focused on women’s development through education and the implications of gender, economic, social and political inequalities on education and human development. Melis has a keen interest in working with marginalised, disadvantaged and vulnerable communities, including refugees and exploring how formal/informal education in such communities can be used to achieve sustainable development. Alongside these issues, Melis maintains an interest in methodological issues such as feminist research, online research methods, participatory action research, and arts-based research methodologies.

Melis is Principal Investigator of the Phase 2 Malaysia project ''Street Art to Promote Representation and Epistemic Justice among Marginalized Rural Zimbabwean Youthouth led social enterprises.'

Resource Archive

Search or browse the resource archive for films, reports, toolkits and other resources produced by the Changing the Story and its commissioned projects. Items written by Dr Melis Cin are listed below:

Youth Agency, Civic Engagement and Sustainable Development (Southern Africa)This project sought to establish and strengthen channels of engagement between youth, CSOs, NGOs, and other stakeholders within the region of Southern Africa. Using Zimbabwe and South Africa as case …Dr Melis Cin, Dr Tendayi Marovah, Joshua Chikozho, , , , , , phase2 southern-africa locationfilm language-english sdg-1-poverty sdg-10-inequalities sdg-11-sustainable-cities youth
What does a decolonised research culture look like?Blog (2020/06/30) What does a decolonised research culture look like?Dr Faith Mkwananzi, Dr Melis Cin, , , phase2 zimbabwe locationblog language-english subject-reflections