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Tendayi Marovah (Midlands State University)

Phase 2 Co-investigator
Midlands State University


A Zimbabwean early career researcher and educator, who has taught in secondary schools and four higher education institutions in Zimbabwe; Madziwa Teachers’ College, the University of Zimbabwe, Great Zimbabwe University and currently Midlands State University. He obtained a Diploma in secondary school education in 1997 (University of Zimbabwe), Bachelor of Education in 2006 (Midlands State University) and a Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Arts History in 2010 (University of Zimbabwe). He was awarded the Prestige Scholarship PhD Fellowship by the University of the Free State for his doctoral studies in 2013, graduating in 2016. He was also appointed as an Associate Research Fellow at the same university in 2017.

His research interests are in higher education and its contributions to human development in education and society, curriculum and pedagogy, democratic citizenship and Zimbabwean youth. His work uses the capabilities approach in innovative ways for democratic citizenship and citizenship education under rather unstable economic and political environment and high youth unemployment. He addresses questions centred on the kind of society desirable for realising sustainable development; what is important in a democratic society; and thus, what kind of higher education is helpful and relevant.

Tendayi is a Co-Investigator on the Phase 2 project 'Street Art to Promote Representation and Epistemic Justice among Marginalized Rural Zimbabwean Youth'

Resource Archive

Search or browse the resource archive for films, reports, toolkits and other resources produced by the Changing the Story and its commissioned projects. Items written by Dr Tendayi Marovah are listed below:

Post-Conflict Participatory Arts Socially Engaged DevelopmentThis book investigates the power of art to enhance human development and to initiate positive social change for individuals and societies recovering from conflict. Edited by Changing the Story partners …Diego Alfonso, Dr Aylwyn Walsh, Dr Claudia Pineda MarĂ­n, Dr Laura K. Taylor, Dr Scott Burnett, Dr Tendayi Marovah, Edwin Cubillos, Joshua Chikozho, Nub Raj Bhandari, Willard Muntanga, , , , , , , , , , , colombia kenya lebanon nepal uganda zimbabwe locationarticle language-english sdg-11-sustainable-cities sdg-16-institutions sdg-17-partnerships sdg-4-education subject-participatory-arts
Youth Agency, Civic Engagement and Sustainable Development (Southern Africa)This project sought to establish and strengthen channels of engagement between youth, CSOs, NGOs, and other stakeholders within the region of Southern Africa. Using Zimbabwe and South Africa as case …Dr Melis Cin, Dr Tendayi Marovah, Joshua Chikozho, , , , , , phase2 southern-africa locationfilm language-english sdg-1-poverty sdg-10-inequalities sdg-11-sustainable-cities youth
Graffiti as a Participatory Method Fostering Epistemic JusticeGraffiti as a Participatory Method Fostering Epistemic Justice and Collective Capabilities among Rural Youth: A case study in Zimbabwe is a chapter by Tendayi Marovah and Faith Mkwananzi in the …Dr Faith Mkwananzi, Dr Tendayi Marovah, , , , , phase2 zimbabwe locationarticle language-english sdg-10-inequalities sdg-11-sustainable-cities subject-street-art