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A State of Mental Wellbeing Through Art

Director - Achabu Kire

Category - Health, Wellbeing, Loneliness and Loss

Available to Watch - Tuesday 2nd June, 2020

Duration - 16 Minutes 54 Seconds

Country - India

Language - English Subtitles

Year - 2020

A few words from the Director Achabu Kire:

I am Achabu Kire, one of the three filmmakers of Changing the story team from Kohima, Nagaland India.
My film is on mental health and arts based organizations for the youth in Nagaland. I chose mental health as my main topic as I feel it is still one of the most ignored topic in the state. Mental health problems arising from unemployment is also quite common among the youth in Nagaland. Thus, I've approach mental health care providers and also three art based organization that are trying to help the youth in providing different art skills.
The film is intended to be screened among the youth in Nagaland. This is so that the youth can become aware of their own mental health and also learn to cope with it. The film which is 16:54 minutes in duration only focussed on the art based organizations. It's only a fraction of how some people gets helped through such activities but through this film, I hope to create more curiosity and a need to explore the wider issues on mental health.