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Šta onda?

Meet the director of Šta onda? Hana Hasanefendić, find out what the film is about, why Hana made it and why Hana thinks audiences should watch it by clicking play on the video below:


Director  – Hana Hasanefendić

Category – Youth, Resistance and Freedom

Country - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Available to Watch – Wednesday 3rd June, 2020

Duration –6 minutes 1 second

Language – English​ Subtitles

Year – 2019

Synopsis - The film is a youthful, rebellious and cynical critique of B&H’s national mentality. From the very beginning the film criticizes the way our youthful generations were raised. The film ridicules the way generations have been raised in the country, however sincerely questions the outcomes of having a careless, and corrupted nation. Although the film begins as a critique, it ends with an open question left to be interpreted by every young individual in the country. Every generation has their own share of time, but one day our time will come, too!