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The Last Man

Meet Dakxin Chhara, a filmmaker from India. Find out what The Last Man is about, why Dakxin made it and why Dakxin thinks audiences should watch it by clicking play on the video below: 


Director  – Dakxin Chhara

Category – Social, Political and Economic Lens

Country – India

Available to Watch – Thursday 4 June, 2020

Duration –60 minutes

Language – English​ Subtitles

Year – 2019

Synopsis - “The Last Man” is a documentary film on human condition of manual scavengers and the role of caste system in Indian societies defining the destiny of many poor and low class communities within the sub continent. The film also go beyond to the official definition of “Manual Scavenging” in India and explore more scavenging practices that are also consider as inhuman work”