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The Place Where Sky Kissed the Earth

Meet Bahtijara Hodzic, director of The Place Where Sky Kissed the Earth. Find out what the film is about, why Bahtijara made it and why Bahtijara thinks audiences should watch it by clicking play on the video below:


Director  – Bahtijara Hodzic

Category – Social, Political and Economic Lens

Country – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Available to Watch – Thursday 4 June, 2020

Duration –4 minute 8 seconds

Language – English​ Subtitles

Year – 2019

Synopsis - The film is about Tuzla, city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It used be a developed industrial city, proud of its multiethnic existence. Even during the time of overwhelming ethnic nationalist policies, Tuzla never accepted anything that separated people. The film is about the struggles of the city, and the question of how Tuzla maintained the spirit of openness in a country which is in a long-lasting crisis.