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Some Stories

Meet Dr Ruth Gilligan. Find out what the film is about, why it was made and why Ruth thinks audiences should watch it by clicking play on the video below: 


Director/Editor - Rob Stone

Camera Operators - Jimmy Hay and Will Mckeown

Music - Kathleen Turner and Will McKeown

Category – Narratives of the Past and Present

Available to Watch – Monday 1 June, 2020

Country - United Kingdom and Ireland

Duration –89 minutes

Language – English

Year – 2018

Synopsis  - Some Stories requires courage, a deep breath and a leap. This 89 minute documentary is the work of the Narrative 4 organisation and specifically, the three days in November 2018 when 15 English teenages from Birmingham met 15 Irish teenagers in Limerick for a 'story exchange workshop' designed to create empathy. Emotional, intense and powerful, this workshop was run by Ruth Gilligan and James Lawlow.