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Jesus and the Guys Charged with Indecency

Sulah Mawejji (The Nature Network) introduces Jesus and the Guys Charged with Indecency. Find out what the drama film is about, why the film was made and why Sulah thinks audiences should watch it by clicking play on the video below: 

Producers – The Nature Network (a community-based organisation of Ugandan LGBT refugees in Nairobi), Johanna Stiebert, and Adriaan van Klinken.

Project Name – Tales of Sexuality and Faith: The Ugandan LGBT Refugee Life Story

The Nature Network

Category – Youth, Resistance and Freedom

Available to Watch – Wednesday 3rd June, 2020

Duration –16 minutes 20 seconds

Country - Kenya

Language – English​ 

Year – 2020

Synopsis -  Jesus and the Guys Charged with Indecency creatively uses stories from the Bible to tell the life experiences of LGBTQI+ Ugandan refugees living in Nairobi. In this film, The Nature Network use the story of Jesus to play out their experience of stigma, discrimination and violence because of their sexual and gender identity.